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Fake Clinics

BEWARE of Fake Clinics!

This is what our EMW Women’s Surgical Center entrance looks like:

Check with the National Abortion Federation to identify a quality provider; instead of relying on advertising alone.

NAF is the primary professional standard-setting and training organization for abortion providers in the United States. The 300 members across the country follow NAF’s Clinical Policy Guidelines, which are updated annually to insure state-of-the art care and medical safety.

This is a FAKE CLINIC (BsideU for Life Pregnancy Center) next door to our Center.

  • Do not park in their parking lot. EMW DOES NOT HAVE a private parking lot.
  • Please ask for parking directions when you make your appointment or click here for Correct Parking info.

Front entrance to FAKE Clinic BsideU

Rear entrance of FAKE CLINIC!

FAKE sign! DO NOT go to their front desk!

What are Fake Clinics or Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)?

Be careful when looking for a reliable health center, because there are FAKE CLINICS that claim to offer information about pregnancy options and abortion. They call themselves Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs). They are people who don’t believe in giving you honest facts about abortion, pregnancy, and birth control. They use the name  “Crisis Pregnancy Center” to confuse people and trick them into visiting them.

NOTE: It’s important to get the information and facts you need from medical professionals that won’t judge you.

Fake Clinics or Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) have a long history of intentionally misleading women to prevent them from accessing abortion care. For example, some intentionally choose their name to mislead women into believing that they offer a wide range of services, including family planning and abortion care, when in fact they offer neither.

Fake Clinics or CPC’s advertise near the headings of Abortion, Pregnancy, Women’s Centers or Clinics. CPCs may locate themselves near legitimate abortion care providers (like us) as a deliberate attempt to lure patients into visiting their centers.

EMW Women’s Surgical Center is not able to accept CPC’s ultrasounds. At times, they tell patients that if they have an ultrasound at their facility, they don’t have to pay for one at EMW Women’s Surgical Center. This is not accurate information.

To provide accurate pregnancy dating and quality healthcare, a licensed EMW professional will need to perform an ultrasound to accurately date how many weeks you are pregnant.

Although Fake Clinics or CPCs portray themselves as a medical clinic and urge women to come in for options counseling, they do not provide full options counseling and generally will not refer for abortion care or birth control.

CPC’s have used tactics intended to delay and even harass or intimidate women from making the choice best for them and even give out false, and misleading information in order to dissuade women from choosing abortion.

For your own protection, ask the CPC you contact if they provide abortion care or give abortion referrals. Evasive and unclear answers to this question should make you suspicious.

National Abortion Federation FAKE clinic info

Some “fake clinics, crisis pregnancy center or abortion alternatives’ sites are really anti-abortion sites. Check with people you know and trust and with NAF and ACN to identify a quality provider, instead of relying on advertising listings alone.

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