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The Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Fund is dedicated to maintaining and improving access to contraception and abortion care. The fund supports litigation, policy reform, patient subsidies and the expansion of women's access to care in the state. The goal of the fund is shifting the landscape in Kentucky to ensure that women's access to constitutionally protected, safe and dignified reproductive health care is not jeopardized. All of the listed areas of focus are important and have local, state, regional and national implications for women to make their own reproductive health decisions.

Our Story
EMW Women's Surgical Center is the only licensed abortion provider in the state of KY. The surgical center was founded in 1980 by three board certified OB/GYN physicians that dedicated their careers to providing comprehensive OB/GYN, family planning and reproductive services to women in Kentucky and regionally (Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, West Virginia). Over the years EMW and its physicians have acted as plaintiffs in state and federal level cases against legislation that has attempted to block women's access to care.

Since the 1980's EMW has been and remains the training facility for the medical students and OB/GYN residents at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. Patients are referred to the University of Louisville Family Planning Clinic for long acting reversible contraception which can be obtained at no cost.

Our Staff
Available to give patients excellent medical care and provide medically accurate information are board certified OB/GYN physicians that are professors at the University of Louisville, registered nurses, counselor with a training certificate in marriage and family planning, nurse anesthetist's, anesthesiologist, surgical assistants and medical assistants.

Who We Serve
Women in the state of KY, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee, Missouri and West Virginia.

Our Partners
ACLU, Louisville Clinic Escorts, Kentucky Health Justice Network, National Abortion Federation, Feminist Majority Foundation and Women to the Front.

Our partners tackle challenges in many ways from protecting women as they enter the clinic, blocking anti-abortion laws in court, fundraising, subsidizing medical costs and hotels to assisting women with transportation to the clinic.

American women are constantly under siege. Join us to ensure that every person has reproductive options to control their own body and decide their own future.

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