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First Trimester - Suction Curettage (through 12 weeks LMP)
Suction Curettage is a safe surgical procedure that can easily be performed in one day on an outpatient basis. The actual abortion procedure is approximately five (5) minutes.

Early Mid-Trimester - Dilation and Evacuation ("D&E") (12.1 through 16 weeks LMP)
The D&E abortion procedure is also a safe surgical procedure. Because the patient is further along in her pregnancy, the cervix must be dilated (enlarged) more gradually. Therefore, laminaria will be inserted into the cervix of the patient early in the day and the patient will have her surgery in the late afternoon.

A laminaria is a thin piece of sterile material which absorbs moisture. When it is inserted in the cervix, the laminaria expands and causes the cervix to be safely and gradually enlarged. Early mid-trimester abortion is also a one day procedure.

Late Mid-trimester - Dilation and Evacuation ("D&E") (16.1 through 22 weeks LMP)
Late D&E abortion is a two day procedure and is also a safe medical procedure. It is important to have enough dilation of the cervix and that must be a gradual process; therefore, patients must make arrangements for overnight accommodations in Louisville.

Patients will have their medical work up, counseling and laminaria insertion on the first day of their appointment and surgery on the second day.

Surgical Abortions include:
Diagnostic Testing (pregnancy testing | urinalysis | Rh blood type | CBC)
Counseling (informed consent | individual)
Physical Exam
Gynecological Exam
Local or General Anesthesia
Post-operative Instructions

If a patient is Rh negative, there is an additional fee for mini-gam or Rhogam.

Instructions for Surgical Abortions
You may not eat, drink, smoke nor chew gum after midnight the day of your procedure.

Your appointment is at 7:30 a.m. unless other arrangements have been made.

You and your driver must bring a government issued picture identification. Your driver must sign into the clinic with you, and pick you up.

On Medication
If you are currently taking any medication, please bring the medication with you to the clinic.

If you are a minor, you must have one parent or legal guardian with you to consent to your abortion. That parent must also have identification. If you cannot bring one parent, judicial bypass is available.

You must bring your full fee with you in cash or certified check. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept personal checks under any circumstances.

There are parking garages nearby where you may park. There is also meter parking in front of the clinic. If you park at a meter, please have plenty of change to use in the meters.

Additional Notices
Please do not bring small children with you to the clinic.

You will need to bring a pair of socks and sanitary napkins with you.

Do not bring valuable articles of any kind.

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